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Top3 Tips – 12 seconds fast makeup tips that really makes a difference

makeup tips

lip careWant to become a maximum stylish in minimal time? Take note of these 12 makeup tips that will turn you from everyday to party in no time!

1. Use concealer under your eyebrows and around the lips. To apply concealer under and over the brow brightens the bottom, highlighting the brow and makes you look more alert out in an instant. The same goes with the lips – sparingly with concealer just around the region around the lips accentuates your smile and the shape of your lips.


eye makeup2. Fill in your eyebrows. The eyebrows frame your entire face and gives a more “fixed” impression. Fill in your brows with an angled brush and shadow, you often get a more natural result than with a stylus, but it is of course a matter of taste.


Use the “triangle” to hide dark circles under the eyes. The secret to hide dark circles under the eyes is to look at the area as a triangle. That way you will not have sharp edges and gets a more natural result than if you had only focused on the rings.

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