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Top 5 Gardening Tips for Starters – Must Know

All we dream of a beautiful, green and lush garden. But then reality caught up with the dream and the lack of time and money makes you wake up. And perhaps your fingers are not as green as you thought.

Here are eight good tips for gardening novices to help you succeed:

1. What do you do with your garden? A playground for children, a vegetable garden or a sea of ​​flowers?
It is difficult to reconcile all wishes. So limit yourself, at least to begin with. It takes some time to create your own Eden. Think about what features you want in the garden – its areas, play areas, flower beds – before you start working. If you are starter Think about instant lawn. If you grow lawn by seeds you may go wrong and your time and effort will be ruined. Check out they have best quality beautiful instant turf you just need to install it in your garden. The installation is not so hard. coolturf guide you through installing instant lawn.

2. Start slowly …
If you have just bought a house or an apartment with a garden or plants do well to take it easy during the first season. In the black soil, you may find the previous owner’s garden dreams. Many plants are perennial, and bloom year after year. Other areas may need to be dug up and gain new life.
3. How much can you do yourself?
Here you have to balance the time, expertise and money. For many gardening enthusiasts, much of the joy of doing everything on your own. Other hires professionals: horticulturists and landscape architects. But you are rarely completely alone. You can always ask your neighbors for help …

4. How is the climate where you live?
There can be many different growing zones in a single country. A good start is to ask your local garden center or nursery for advice. They know everything there is to know about vegetation, climate and soil. Buying seedlings bit haphazardly without first finding out more can prove to be an expensive adventure.

5. Height, time and color
There are three simple things to consider when planting a flowerbed: height, time and color. Extend the season by making sure to select species with flowering periods overlap. Combine colors that fit together. Make sure tall plants not stand in the way of lower plants.

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