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SEO for Beginners – 7 Simple SEO tips you should follow

SEO tips for beginners

I recently, Attended an SEO meetup in Melbourne. I am new to Melbourne and would like to know few things about Website Optimisation I found an SEO meetup …..and Attended. I met with many SEO geeks especially one form ROJAY  presented simple SEO tips for beginners I wrote them below. Please go through :-


You should pay close attention to the layout, structure and design of your website and try to make it look friendly for the crawlers. I do not mean nice color schemes, colourful banners, animation, etc. Actually taking crawlers are not these elements into account. Here we are talking about usability and navigation. For example, it is very important to use text navigation (instead of pictures) and reduce the number JavaScript and Flash on your website.

Precise navigation sections and categories will help you to organize all your content in the right way and will make your site attractive to both visitors and search engines.


Each page of your site must have its own unique keywords and key phrases. When you begin choosing keywords for your site, you should start with keywords that are easy to promote. The keywords you should choose At the beginning are those who have very little demand and low competition. Your task now is to start with such keywords and gradually move to more competitive keywords.


The title of each page of your site is used to tell the search engine spiders what this site is about and what type of content that can be expected from it. Always use keywords or key phrases in titles – ie the keywords you will market your side. Also avoid using the name of your business or website in the titles. This will only reduce the value of your keywords.

Heading Tags

Imagine the home page of your site is a front page of a newspaper. Headlines gives visitors information about the type of content it can find in the articles in this magazine. <H1> … <H6> tags work the same way. H1-H6 tags strengthens your keywords. You should always put your keywords into these tags but do not forget that these headings should include not only the keywords but also other useful text. The most important tag is <H1>, then <H2>, and so on.

Keywords in Content

When writing content for your pages do not forget to use keywords and key phrases. It is important to keyword density (the percentage of times a keyword or phrase appears on a web page compared to the total number of words on this page). If you repeat your keywords too many times in your site, this will not look natural to the search engine spiders and you will not get any SEO benefits, on the contrary, your content will be punished and they would  a disaster now that you built a handsome customer friendly website.

Internal Links

Links are very important for search engines. But that does not mean you should build only external backlinks to your site. Internal linking also plays a big role, that is why it is necessary to create links that go from a page on your domain to another page on the same domain. It will help spread the link juice around your site. Building such links that describe the keywords in the anchor text and matching the keyword as the source on the page are trying to target


Pictures are very important in the text on your pages, as they improve the perception of information by your side. But that’s not the only reason. When using images on your page, you should always remember two things. First of all, you should add description with Alt Tag (Tag), describe the picture, you sell cars and you have a picture of a car, write eg “used car”. Your company logo can also show what you are, who you are, and also to indicate a benefit-but search engines can not index your image (not for key words purposes, in any case). The search engine’s indexing bot is oblivious to everything except the text. Try adding a small but clear description under the picture.

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SEO for Beginners - 7 Simple SEO tips you should follow
Best and easy tips for SEO SEO for Beginners. 7 Top SEO tips discussed here you can get a lot of benefit just by knowing these tips Especially If you are beginner.
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