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More mobile friendly websites in search results – Google updates the algorithm

Google April 21st update

On April 21 release Google update that will benefit those sites that are considered to be mobile-adapted. This update has a significant impact on Google’s search results. Users will consequently find it easier to get relevant, high quality search results that are optimized for the unit used in söktillfället. Mobile devices represent a large portion of Internet traffic, thus entails updating a huge influence on how your website ranks at Google.

Is your website for mobile devices?
Test your website here to find out. If not, we suggest that as soon as possible to optimize the website for mobile traffic to avoid lower placements in Google’s search, which may be a consequence of this update. Need to customize your website for mobile devices, you can take part of a guide to mobile-adapted sites , further, there are guidelines on how you should think to search engine optimize your website for multiple platforms . If you already have a website that is suited for mobile traffic, you can use your Webmaster Tools account to get a full list of mobile usability issues on your website using the tool for webmasters .

Google Responsive website

What does update your website?

After the update, the search results in Google influenced by what device you use to söktillfället, the consequences of this is that websites that are appropriate for the device you are using ports higher up in your search results. Today it makes little difference which platform you perform the search on, but after April 21 will thus mobile-adapted websites become a major ranking factor.

Why do mobile friendly websites for a more important ranking factor?

As previously mentioned are the mobile devices for a very large portion of Internet traffic, over 50% of the surfing today takes place on mobile devices. We can conclude that mobile-adapted websites facilitates mobile use and some websites that are only suitable for use with a PC can barely be navigated via eg a smartphone. This update is done with this in mind and to provide users with relevant results whose websites to go to maneuver through a mobile device.

What devices are counted as mobile devices and affected by the update?

When Google talks about mobile devices in this update is aimed primarily at those smartphones and tablets, ie devices running Android, iOS (iPhone / iPad) or Windows Phone. Browsers of mobile devices is similar to desktop browsers, however, is significantly less screen space, which means that the website must be designed with respect to the screen surface and the resolution of the mobile units. Check out this guide for mobile SEO to further understand how to configure their website and get the search engines to recognize your mobile website. The guide also addresses a number of common mistakes you can see on mobile websites.

If you are still running your website on old version ? Get mobile friendly right now. Better late than never – you can get the fastest responsive web design from Rojay check out their sample work.

Be responsive get more visits.

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