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How to use hairspray right for better results ?

Hair spray

Are you tired of hairstyle collapses as soon as you walk outside the door? Here are the expert’s secret tricks – which cause hair to keep the whole evening!

It’s Saturday night and you’re going to dinner, and has put a lot of time on getting the hair to be perfect. But right when you walk outside the door goes the air out of your hair and it becomes completely flat. Do you recognise yourself? The solution may be simpler than you think!

We have learned to prepare with styling products before we begin to blow dry, attract or flat hair. So far we are right. The mistake that may hairdresser slouching we make the very end, when we overwhelms the hair with a cloud of spray – in the hope that it will keep for longer. Few know that the result is often the opposite.

On of the famous celebrity stylist Jan Thomas tells that most people use hair spray in the wrong way.

– Allows you spray it settles as a thick layer on top of the hair will cause the entire hairstyle weighed down and collapses after short time.

Use your hands!

His advice is that, instead of spraying a cloud around his head, put in the spray with your hands.

– Spray some on your hands and fingers, and then insert your hands under your hair and tousle, so that the spray ports of the hair roots. That’s where it should sit to the hairstyle and the volume should hold, says Jan Thomas .

Extra Tip!

Feels hairdresser still flat and heavy? Then you might use too much conditioner. Use the conditioner only in the ends of the hair, so you avoid the hair weighed down.

This article is inspired from one of the fashion magazine’s article published at about 2015 hair trend forecast .

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