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How to choose Carpet ? Carpet buying tips


Choosing carpet

A rug can change everything! Carpets frame the patio, stands out in the living room and makes the dining room warmer. Now we have many fine matte news in different sizes and materials.Common to them all is that they are of high quality at a good price.

Different types of carpets

Tufted carpets  are made ​​by hand by pushing the yarn through a vertical canvas with a tuft pistol. The mat then goes through several steps of washing, cutting, excision of patterns and finally glued to a backside of. Tufted carpets are durable but subject it to prolonged wetness, heat or chemical products. Pressure marks on the carpet removed most easily by moistening the bangs and then blow lightly with hairdryer, while the bangs combed.

Shaggy  is characterised by its fringe and can be hand-tied but also manufactured machine. It is important to vacuum the carpet in the direction of the pile, and to use a rotating nozzle of the vacuum cleaner.

Rag rugs as it sounds on the name manufactured by the very rags and textiles in particular, cotton dyed. Rag rug is easy and can in most cases be washed in a spacious equipment but may shrink slightly during washing. However, it is very important to follow the specific care instructions and wash in the indicated rate numbers.Afterwards the carpet dry quickly and hanging with stripes down to no excess paint will creep. Do not wipe the mats in a tumble dryer or drying cabinet.

Hand-woven carpets are manufactured on looms by one or two people, depending on the carpet’s width. In order not to expose the fringe of prolonged pressure of the furniture is good to rotate the rug regularly. The mat should be submitted to an authorised specialist for floor washing.

Wilton Carpets  is a machine made ​​woven rugs are named after the knot used in weaving – Wilton knot. These rugs are usually manufactured in Belgium. The mat can be made ​​of many different materials, but usually have a jute backing. The water-sensitive rear allows the carpet should be left to authorized specialist for cleaning.

Hand-knotted carpets knotted on a vertical warp and the pattern is tied from a sketch. So-called oriental carpets are hand-knotted rugs and often have old traditional designs originating from the region they are made ​​of. It is important to vacuum the carpet pile direction and any stains should be removed immediately.

Plastic mats are woven carpets made ​​by hand or machine, plastic strips of different colours. Machine wash and drip dry. Ventilate but not in freezing temperatures as this may cause the mat fragile.

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Carpet Care instructions

  • The carpet needs to be vacuumed at least once a week. Hang out and sniff the carpet at least once a year.
  • Avoid direct sunlight and rotate the rug regularly to preserve the color. In this way, the wear on the carpet more evenly.
  • Do not shake or whip mat when edge and the Frenchman could drop. Pressure or not cut loose threads on a carpet, but try instead to attach the wire with knots.
  • Never rub the stain without removing it from the outside in order to reduce the risk of spread. Select the stain remover for the materials in the carpet and test first on an inconspicuous place.
  • Carefully follow the instructions on the care label.
  • Depending on the material, so we must expect some shrinkage in the wash.
  • Are you hesitant to washing, hand carpet to a specialist.
  • Make sure the floor is dry when you put on a carpet with latex bottom, otherwise there is a risk that the carpet stuck to the floor.
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