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How affiliate marketing works ?

May people have the question HOW AFFILIATE MARKETING WORKS ?

This is the age of internet technology. The growth of online shoppers is 980% increased since 5 years compare to previous period. People love to shop online because it is quick, easy and convenient  way to search and find products online. Here below there are different sets of internet shoppers mentioned below

Busy online buyers –  Busy people are the most online shoppers. Because they don’t have time to go to the shopping mall and search things

Smart online buyers – These people don’t want to lose their valuable time by traveling to the shop in the traffic and search things, asking customer support agents for the items they need etc.,

Lazy online buyers – These guys don’t have any reason and they may have all the time in the world. But, still don’t want to go out for shopping.

The advantages of online shopping

The major advantages of online shopping are as mentioned below:

  • No time waste
  • Hassle free
  • Free home delivery
  • Discounts for online shoppers
  • Payment methods like cash on delivery
  • 30 days free return policy

How the growth of online shopping effects Affiliate marketing ?

The online shopping and affiliate marketing are directly proportional to each other. As long as there is demand there will be supply and profits.

The significant growth in online shoppers is driving major structural changes in retail model also web technologies.


How Affiliate Marketing works ?

The info graphic here below explains it all



  1. Retailer sign up with online affiliate networks
  2. Affiliate network open chance to publish retailers products
  3. Publishers grab those codes, ads and data feeds then publish in their websites, blogs
  4. Shoppers searching for similar products will find the publisher web site, blogs etc. then click on link or ad which will redirect them to the retailer store.

For Ex- if you are searching for Buy blinds online in Google you will find a review site or blog of the publisher then after reading the review you may be interested to know more or order the blinds then you obviously click on the link or ad served in the page which will guide you to the seller (for instance let them A1Blinds)

Then orders made in A1 blinds website will credited to the publisher.

The referral publisher will get certain amount of commission for the transaction.

Web design, SEO, Online marketing companies like Rojay can guide retailers to get sign up for Affiliate marketing networks.

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