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History of golf

History of Golf

They called this “coff” and there’s archives where the game is mentioned in Holland from the year 1360. During the 1500-1600’s became the sport mightily popular then almost extinct.

The roots of today’s golf passes, however, according to the story back to the British Isles and in 1400 century. The shepherds in Scotland found the time they amused themselves by hitting the rocks with shepherd rods and aim for different goals. Once converted pastime into a popular event on the Scottish countryside to see who could hit the rabbit hole at long distances. The Scots called this “goff” (Golf) and soon began importing leather balls from Holland to practice their game.

Scottish king James II, was less impressed. He described in a letter in 1457 about the problems “goff” (Golf) returned while trying to recruit people into the army. The letter is the first written documentation of the sport. In 1471 forbade subsequent James III completely sport. But it stopped in no way the sport’s rampage in Scotland.

In the 1740s created the first golf club ‘The Company of Gentlemen Golfers “and in 1744 started the very first golf club” Muirfield “, a club that still exists today. Mexico began to become an institution in Scotland.

Do you know how many Golf courses in Australia ?

More than 1500 !!!

Australia is the 5th largest country in number of golf courses.

To play golf along with a golf club membership you need to have a nice golf buggy as well. Because having smooth and probably motorised golf buggy makes the game more smooth. Especially in Australia Parmaker Golf buggies are famous. you will feel wings if you have electric or motorised golf buggy while playing.


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History of golf
It is said that the ancient Romans were the very first to play a golf-like game. Then created the Dutch during the 1100s a game with the ball and stick that was played on ice. Later on Golf spread throughout out world and became very famous in Australia. In article cover the History and Journey of Golf.
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