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Basics of Bounce rate of a Website

Bounce rate

Bounce Rate is the term for frequency deviation and can either be measured over the website or its individual pages. The measured value is the percentage of your visitors are navigating away from the site after visiting only a single page. High bounce rate indicates that visitors leave the page almost immediately without clicking on.
To keep track of the bounce rate creates opportunities to better understand their visitors. It also increases the ability to prioritize around which paid sources need to prioritize and not. It can also serve as an indicator of what keywords to search should spend extra on.


Bounce rate

Less is more

Say the key and skip the rest. You must get visitors to directly feel that they got right. Click To TweetThe next step must also be very clear. Although most people realise that this point is important, it is difficult to make it as good as it is indeed possible.

Site load

Is the website slowly becomes easily irritated. Thus, there is a very clear connection between bounce rate and charging. What they often do not realize is that even those websites that are not directly slow had performed better if they were faster. For anyone knows how to speed up a website requires seldom more than an hour to produce clear results. It is thus a simple method anyone can use.

Do not disturb the site’s visitors unnecessarily

For understandable reasons, many website owners use the ads to generate income.But these become too many and disturbing visitors tend to leave almost immediately.A typical example of the ads that disrupt the pop-ups and should be avoided completely on the side. If you still need to have advertising, allow the visitor to become comfortable with the website before too many shows.


Do not be blind. Even if you find it does not say that your visitors do. You do not find quickly what you’re looking for will also give up. The texts that make up the navigation should be short, but at the same explanatory.

For lower bounce rate you need a very good website with top quality Usability guidelines. Kingfisher helps in your web design and SEO.

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