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6 Simple Tips for writing attractive Call To Action – CTA

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A new visitor to your website could be your next customer. Here, small lines of text in the form of the CTA, a call-to-action, make all the difference. An attractive CTA increases the chances that the visitor does not just look past it and then leave the page without taking the next crucial step – to act.

The purpose of the CTA’s conversion – the visitor gives the response you want to take advantage of the offer that you promoted. This may involve ordering a product, download a PDF, fill in their contact information or register for an event. Everything goes back to win visitor’s interest and confidence to achieve the goal of your marketing.


But how do you write an effective Call To Action leads to more business? We have developed a check-list of our tips:

1. Start from the target

What would you like to achieve? The goal of your wager shapes your Call To Action. If you want to spread information before a product launch, you may want visitors to download a product sheet, while you want the visitor to submit an expression of interest with their contact information if the target is the sales contact.

2. Convey a value

Only the two words “Click here” is often not enough for us to click. We want to know what we get, what it means to us, what value it provides. As a Call To Action is about to tell us what want the visitor to do, it is important to add weight to the advantage of acting. A good Call To Action conveys a value rather than a must for the visitor. It may be a matter that the visitor can learn more about an interesting topic, may take part of a limited time offer and may discover something new.

3. Make it easy

The simple is often the best. With a straight, clear, concise and easy Call To Action will be easy for the visitor to understand and grasp the message. One tip is to review the choice of words and ensure that every word is relevant . As a Call To Action is about acting is the verb a keyword that ideally placed first or early in the text.

Words that shows that you are an expert in their field inspires confidence as long as you are avoiding internal or union expression that hampers. To make it simple also means to avoid giving too many instructions weighing on rather than give the text to give a positive and inviting feel.

4. Make it visible

A CTA can be made ​visible through a clickable Call To Action button. By giving the button a prominent position and color that is in contrast to the rest of the page message become even clearer for the visitor.

5. Season with creativity

It is not a must, but a smart way to generate interest is to write a Call To Action which is slightly different from the crowd, for example, to convey a feeling , or make the text more personal. One tip is to let yourself be inspired by others and find their own ways that are suited to your audience.

6. Test, evaluate and improve

If you’ve read any of our previous blogs post you may have noticed that we often write about the importance of evaluating. We do this because the ability to evaluate one of the biggest advantages of digital marketing and a key to achieving a better result. Optimise your marketing by replacing Call To Action texts, test and see what solutions that provide the strongest response from your target audience. The measure,​ see what is going home and what works less well, and let the data be a guide for your work to write lyrics that bring results.

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