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5 Common Lawn Diseases In Australia

lawn diseases in australia

As with most diseases taking preventative measures is always a better approach than having to come up with a cure, and the same very much applies to looking after your lawn.

Especially if you have invested money and time into installing a new Sir Walter Buffalo lawn in your backyard. You should, and must, look after it.

Luckily some of the most common lawn diseases in Australia are also the most easily preventable.

If you think something is wrong with your lawn and to help you identify a potential disease, then here is a list of the most common lawn diseases in Australia.

Dollar Spot Lawn Disease

dollar spot lawn diseaseDollar Spot is identified by the small circular brown or yellow spots it creates on a lawns surface, these spots are usually around the size of a dollar coin.

You know there are dollar spots on a lawn if you see dead straw-coloured patches about 6 cm in diameter.

This disease thrives when dew is present and when the turf has a low nitrogen level.

This scenario can happen anytime from early summer until early autumn when soil is lacking in moisture.

Fairy Ring Lawn Disease

fairy ring lawn diseaseFairy Ring is a lawn disease which is most notable by the rings it creates in your lawn.

This disease is a healthy-looking circular or arc-shaped patch formed on grass.

Mushrooms may be present along the perimeter of the fairy ring.

Fairy rings are formed from fungus activities in the soil that release high levels of nutrients.

Brown Patch Lawn Disease

brown patch lawn diseaseBrown Patch is a lawn disease that is noticeable by the rounded dying areas it creates in your lawn.

This is a disease that appears in the summer and early autumn, brown patch is a widespread lawn problem in New South Wales.

Its symptoms are circular patches of dry grass that are surrounded by mycelium on their outer rings.

High humidity and moisture at night are factors that can make this disease more severe.

Spring Dead Spot Lawn Disease

spring dead spot lawn diseaseSpring Dead Spot is a disease unique to couch grass types.

This lawn disease is noticeable by the round spots of dead grass with the size of a few centimetres to over a metre in diameter could recur in the same spot for years.

Spring dead spot gets worse on mature turf and is most times a very difficult lawn disease to control and to kill.

It will require both a treatment with a lawn fungicide, as well as manual lawn care to remove the affected areas.

Powdery Mildew Lawn Disease

powdery mildew lawn diseasePowdery Mildew is an easily identified lawn disease because of the white dust it leaves in the lawn.

Powdery mildew is a problem that not only affects grass, but all other plant types as well.

The white dusty appearance it makes can turn lush green into a dying yellow.

This disease can easily spread by the soles of shoes, bike tyres and the feet of pets.

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